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As most of you know, Village Homes turned over control of the HOA board to the residents of Greenfield. Your new board consists of the following people:

Chet Hayes ?– President
Tami Berman ?– Vice-President
Robert Botts ?– Secretary
Eileen Valentino ?– Treasurer
Jeff Richardson ?– Director

Aurora Stein continues to do a wonderful job with the social committee, and Carrie Houck has been doing a great job with the landscape, playground, pool, and DRC committees.

As a board, we would like to thank the numerous volunteers that have been showing up to help with the different activities that we have going on around in Greenfield. Without your help and support, we would not be able to maintain the great activities and events for which Greenfield is known for.

In conversations with many of you over this past summer I have heard your compliments, and I have heard your complaints. To that end, I would like to address the most common complaint and let you know what the board is doing to address the issue.

The quality of our landscape through the entire community has been a topic of endless discussion and debate. Poor performance by both the Liverpool Metro District?’s contractor, and the HOA?’s contractor, combined with the drought have made this a very frustrating and discouraging year for everybody. We see several inconsistencies throughout the community ?– from several dead spots along East Fair Ave, and countless other places, to nice green grass, and well kept areas around the pool and clubhouse. Parts of our native areas look really good, while others are a weed bed. As a board, and as residents of this community, we are just as frustrated and upset as you are.

I could go on and on about the problem, but I want you to know what the board is doing to address these problems.

First, members of the board and landscape committee held a meeting with representatives from Liverpool Metro District. At this meeting several issues regarding landscaping were discussed, as well as how the HOA and the Liverpool Metro District can better work together. Both parties agreed and felt very strongly about working closer together, and agreed to try and find a single contractor to do the work for both the Liverpool Metro District and for the HOA. We feel that this is a major step in resolving some of our landscape issues.

Second, the HOA sent a letter to our current landscape contractor informing them that payment would be withheld and the contract terminated unless certain criteria were met. The contractor has a bit more willing to work with us on our issues, and we have seen some improvement in the areas they maintain.

Third, we have an active landscape committee who is able to help the board and management company follow up on the several items that we have going on at any given time. Not only are they working with the HOA, but they are working with Liverpool Metro District to help bring continuity to the community. While most homeowners may not realize it, this has been a big help to our situation.

We as a board do care about the community ?– how it looks, the quality of the activities, the value of the property, the upkeep of the amenities. We value your feedback and will actively try and respond to non-anonymous postings to this site, as well as e-mail or phone calls. We look forward to working with you to keep Greenfield a great place to live.
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