CENCON - February Minutes

February Minutes

Centennial Council of Neighborhoods 4 February 02 Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m. and was adjourned at 10:10 p.m. with a total of 21 (out of 38) members present

Arapahoe Library District – Eloise May
· Open house at the new Library Support Services Building (12855 E Jamison Cir) on Friday, March 1st from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.
· Friends of the Library will present a special free Author/Speaker meeting with Marne Davis Kellogg (well known authoress of suspense novels) on Friday, February 8th with a reception starting at 6:30 p.m. and the program starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Koelbel Library
· Many tax services and computer & internet classes available at libraries. Call library for details

South Suburban Park & Recreation – Jean Flynn
· Meeting to discuss development issues for the first phase of the landfill sports complex (Colorado & County Line) on Tuesday, March 19 at 6:30 p.m. at 6631 S University (South Suburban District administrative office)
- Information will be provided about planned facilities
- Public input will be solicited
· Matching Gifts Program has started. HOA funds are matched by SSPRD funds for improvements. Handout distributed at meeting includes:
- Application form
- Purpose of Program
- Program Guidelines (requirements to be met to qualify proposed project as eligible)
- Sample Eligible Projects
- Eligible Groups
· Call Karen Bay at 303-798-5131 with any questions about Matching Gift Program

Arapahoe Sheriff’s Department – Mark Campbell
· Free Citizen Law Enforcement Academies are available to the public. Contact Deputy Larry LaFlam at 720-874-3424 for further information
- Senior Citizen Academy - March 18, 21 & 22 at 4751 E Costilla Av
- Youth Academy - June 17 to 22 at 7305 S Potomac St
- Citizen Academy - October 1 to 25 at 7305 S Potomac St
- Registration is required
· Deputies have lost their rented office space at the Smoky Hill sub-station due to construction by property owner. Temporary housing will be at 7399 S Tucson Wy
· There is a lack of affordable office space in Smoky Hill area
· When new Sheriff's department building (near Centennial Airport) is complete, the Littleton complex will move into it, with only a west side sub-station remaining at the old location
· Traffic safety deputies designated specifically for Centennial will start Friday, February 8th
· Starting February 8th, traffic tickets and crime reports will be tracked as un-incorporated Arapahoe County or City of Centennial
· A proposed informal agreement with the State Patrol and the sheriff's department will allow more cooperation in handling traffic accidents
· Cherry Knolls has had a problem with increased vandalism
· Identity theft is a large problem. Credit cards are being stolen from mailboxes and from homes. A single check and one credit card allow thieves to create a "new ID" within hours
· There will be no change in the level of law enforcement service in the un-incorporated county. Biggest change will be in the paperwork reporting where the crime/accident occurred

Fire Districts - Jerry Rhodes
· Roger Parker has been promoted to Fire Marshall for the South Metro Fire District
· Agencies across the whole metro area are working in joint exercises to prepare for terrorism, handling of weapons of mass destruction, etc.
· Legal problems are being resolved with moving resources from one area to another to provide mutual aid coverage
· Federal money requested after the 9/11 attacks is starting to come in and is being used to purchase protective equipment and communications equipment. Communications between different agencies is vastly improved

City of Centennial – Ward III Councilwoman - Andrea Suhaka
· Because of copyright problems, Centennial squad cars will not have a "logo" at this time. Plans are to include it at a later date. Cars will have "City of Centennial" printed on them
· New City Manager picked during City Council meeting Monday Feb. 4th. Name to be announced after candidate is notified and accepts.
· There will probably be an "open house" in April at the new City offices on the second floor at 12503 E Euclid

Arapahoe Parks and Recreation District - Rebecca Nash
· New swimming pool in Lookout Park at corner of Picadilly & Riviera plans to be open for summer
· A bond issue for the new Recreation Center at Orchard and Buckley is planned for the May election

URS Presentation - Don Howell
· Will function as the City of Centennial's staff for community development and land use services
· Selected in a competitive process by the City Council
· URS has experience in both residential and commercial/government areas, and has been in business since 1904
· Largest engineering design firm in United States, with about 16,000 employees
· Operates in all 50 states, and in 30 countries
· Will be ready for business on February 11th
· Development of a Comprehensive Plan for the City is a priority
· Development in Centennial will have to pay it's own way, no subsidies from tax money
· There will be a series of meetings with developers and with the residents to solicit comments on the process
· URS is on an "incentive" plan and will be graded on performance and management. Evaluation will be done by both citizens and developers. Part of URS's profits are based on this "incentive" evaluation
· URS will review existing procedures and regulations to find ways to improve them
· Want to create atmosphere where citizens feel they are guiding the development of their city, and the developers feel Centennial is a good place to develop
· URS should also be a referral agency for developer plans in un-incorporated Arapahoe County which affect Centennial

Discussion of Centennial Airport Issues
· Shortfall each year is between $1.5 to $1.7 million. When considering new security issues, this goes up to about $2.5 million
· Cost of improvements to allow passenger service is unknown, but the cost may be passed on to the operators of the service
· If passenger service is allowed, federal funding would be re-instated immediately
· An election would be required to institute a taxing district. Probability of passage is not good. Tax rate discussed is about 0.25 mil
· Existing users of airport do not want regular passenger service but are not willing to pay to prevent it
· Of the proposed sources of income, landing fees has no support, fuel taxes are felt to be already too high, and a special taxing district would be the best choice (based on how much the particular neighborhood is impacted)
· Arapahoe County bonds on airport expire in 2016. It is not known how much money would be available then
· Nine passenger planes would qualify under present noise restrictions
· Everyone should contact their federal senators & representatives and ask that FAA write regulations to match legislation already passed
· Airport may be able to restrict number of passenger flights allowed each day
· Not enough information available yet for CENCON to establish a position on the issue. Reports from the airport committees due March 15th
· A poll on this issue is available on the C-WATCH website -

Officer Reports - President - Cathy Noon
· Centura Hospital will give a presentation to CENCON and ACCORD concerning the new hospital at Parker and C-470 (probably in March)
· T-REX, and possibly also RTD Fast-Trax, will give a presentation to both groups also in March
· A "new member" packet will be assembled for any future new CENCON members
· Brad Calbert provided new name tags for each member
· Future meeting may be held in the Centennial city offices. Notice will be provided before the next meeting
· It is essential that a "Plans Review Committee" be established for the developer plans. Volunteers are needed
· One more meeting about the proposed Centennial ordinances on February 7th. Please attend as the City Council really wants your input
· There will be a citizen's ad hoc committee of 18 members to review these ordinances before any action is taken. A report from the committee is due by May 15th
· There are 3 proposed ordinances: noise, large vehicle parking, nuisances

- Treasurer - Gerry Cummins
· Checking account Previous balance: $929.27
Income (dues) $11.25
Expenses $0.00
Transfer to Savings $600.00
Closing Balance $340.52

· Savings account Previous balance: $651.46
Transfer from Checking $600.00
Closing Balance $1251.46

- Secretary - Frank Green
· It was moved by Stan Frahm , seconded by Joanne Phillips, and unanimously voted by all CENCON members to approve the January minutes
· A copy of the updated member roster was distributed to all attending members

- Plans - Claudette Cooper
· Two developer plans were discussed. Brad Calbert supplied an areial photo of the planned development site for Jefferson on Orchard
· It was unanimously voted by all CENCON members to approve the comments as noted after a formal presentation by Molly Tomash and much discussion of the Jefferson on Orchard plan. No discussion was generated by the second plan

Posted by cdhayes on 02/11/2002
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