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I just re-read the grant application that was signed by Marcia Kyle, the MPWNA Board Chair. one correction she should have noted was the 'recognition by the Board of the amenity, Mitchell Park' for the Grant, that should have read by the entire neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. The Board does not apply for the grant, the neighborhood does.

Also, item 3, 'value to the community' was co-opted by the author in the subservience to Childsplay. the 'value' of the benches as a potential 'location for and initiator of' communication, is not limited to a discussion about the role Childsplay had in the some community discussions. there are many things to discuss in this neighborhood.

The fact was the neighborhood welcomed Childsplay by about 25:1 residents. But by Childsplays proposed development plans for a specific element,  that ratio reversed at a meeting of DRC following a single public presentation to the neighborhood.

The description in this section was unnecessarily specific to one issue most important to a single business entity, and not the residents of the entire neighborhood. The writer appears to blame, and not take responsibility, and definitely not to apologize for their role in the 'divisiveness in the neighborhood'.  this was not the place to write about this. communication in the neighborhood can go far beyond this single issue, but it will require more than benches.

isnt there an old saying about 'an apology goes along way'?

Marcia Kyle, MPWNA Board Chair showed a lack of judgement to allow this document to go to the Neighborhood Services Review Panel, approximately 20 city staff, with these errors.

Mark Lymer, resident

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