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Here's an opinion; there ought to be less cars on the streets of the world, the U.S., Colorado, and Denver. Can we all agree, so far? Residents and business people of the Golden Triangle neighborhood could probably also agree that it would be nice if there was less traffic in the neighborhood. Just so long as you and I can keep our cars, of course. But some people would like to change the one-way designation of Cherokee Street to a two way street to remove most of the traffic and "calm" the rest. Well the "calmed" traffic stays around longer, burning gasoline and leaving emissions behind. The removed traffic will go to all the other streets, mainly Speer, Broadway, and Lincoln, we are told by developer Mickey Zeppelin. This seems unfair to the people who live or work on those streets as well as on Bannock and Acoma, and it seems unnecessary unless you happen to own or develop property on Cherokee.

Oddly enough, it is Cherokee Street that has seen almost all of the high end residential development in the Triangle so far. Could this come down to an issue of convenience for entering/exiting properties on that street? Cherokee already has a vastly lower traffic count than any of the other streets named above (with the exception of Acoma, count is unknown by me). Am I missing something here? Are there any proponents of this change out there who would care to comment or are there others who agree with me?

By Tony
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