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Posted in: Briarwick - Houston

Hello Linda,


I am new to the neighborhood having just moved in April 2014. I have received nothing from my HOA welcoming me to the neighborhood. I have received 2 violations though the newest on is stating i need to add grass to my yard.. lol. wow. what a hilarious letter that was..

It would be nice if someone would welcome the new homeowners. I have no idea where to get passes to the pools or any other thing that i am able to do in the neighborhood.

If i am paying all this money to HOA why isnt someone courteous enough to stop by and say HI instead of sitting in an office or driving arond in a car making sure we are following rules that we dont know about.


Thank you


I requested the rules at the closing.  While I did hear of some grumblings from the "then" association due to the length, it was made available.  After purchasing the property, I was given a tshirt that wouldn't come close to fitting, a one page pool schedule, and a pass for the pool. 


I come from the days of remembering "Welcome Wagons" with a basket of coupons from local merchants (or in some cases, sample products) and a small booklet of nearby municipal resources with phone numbers.   I've also experienced other simple gifts with a coffee cup and an oven mitt as a welcome gift.

I rent at 10403 Bushy Creek and we love our street so much my mom bought at 10314 Bushy Creek last year. A dog and cat treat and name of a pet sitter for new home owners would be a nice touch :) My mom and I do pet sitting in the area!  Tiffany and Barbara Cady - 832-762-6356  - I would even be happy supply a little pet welcome package for cats and dogs with treats and toys! It could include info about our dog park such as the rules and a reminder not to let dogs loose in other areas of the recreation area and a reminder to pick up after your dogs waste. Maybe include a doggy pick up bag too!


I would even be willing to manage and deliver the complete welcome packages myself!

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