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City of Dallas Code Violations

The Code Complians Inspector will look for violations.

Code Violations

City of Dallas
Code Compliance Department
1500 Marilla Street, 6CS
Dallas, TX 75201

The Code Compliance inspector will look for these violations in your neighborhood.

Yard Maintenance
Overgrown weeks, bushes, trees, grass and vegetation and fire and safety hazards. Yard maintenance is the responsibility of each property owner and occupant. It includes the maintenance of any right of way abutting the property. Grass must be kept cut at twelve inches or less. All shrubs in the right of way and on private property must be maintained. The branches of any tree extending over a public sidewalk, street or other public way should be trimmed so they do not obstruct vision or the travel of motorists and pedestrians. All dead trees and vegetation must be removed and taken to an approved sanitary landfill.

Junk Motor Vehicles
Generally, a junk motor vehicle is a vehicle that is inoperable and does not meet state law requirements. Junk motor vehicles must not be visible from beyond the bounds of the property lines. A junk motor vehicle may legally be stored if completely enclosed in a structure. Car covers, tarps, bamboo shades and other similar types of materials are not acceptable screening.

Junk, Litter and Debris
Junk, litter and debris cannot be left in the yard. It must be placed out for garbage collection or taken to a salvage or recycling location. This includes junk auto parts, appliances, furniture, building and/or landscaping material, tires, discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, tree trimmings and fallen tree limbs, etc.

Open and Vacant Structures
Property owners are responsible for maintaining all structures on their property. Windows, doors, storage sheds, garages and other openings must be kept secure to prevent unauthorized entry. A property owner is required to board up a structure it if is vacant and not secure. The City may secure the structure at the owner’s expense.

Outside Storage
Outside storage may include any item that is stored in the rear yard for a period of 24 hours or more. Only five percent of a lot may be used for outside storage. Any other outside storage visible from beyond the property lines is not allowed. Generally, any equipment, building or landscaping items should not be visible from public view. Operable vehicles are not considered outside storage.

Fences in Disrepair
A fence and screening wall must be structurally sound. It must be capable of supporting its own weight. Fences in most residential districts cannot be higher than 4 feet in the required front yard, and 6 feet in the rear yard. Depending on the zoning district, the required front yard can be 10 to 20 feet from the front property line and include the area from side yard line to side yard line. The rear yard is the area from the end of the required front yard to the rear property line.

Bulky Trash
The City collects bulky trash once per month without any extra charge. Bulky trash consists of large rubbish that cannot be placed in a trash can. The City will not pick up tires, building materials, lumber, fencing, demolition debris, rocks, cement, or bricks. Collection schedules begin on Monday of the assigned week. Bulky trash must be placed for collection no earlier than Thursday prior to pick up and no later than 7 a.m. Monday of the assigned week.

Graffiti must be removed from all sidewalks, walls, fences, signs and other structures or surfaces visible from beyond the bounds of the property lines. The property owner is responsible for removing graffiti.

For Additional Information:
To report Violations:
Call 311

Posted by gcmphoa on 07/05/2004
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