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Hello all-

This has been a great discussion. As it is now five days beyond deadline, I will let you know what I did some time back (yesterday?) I went ahead and submitted an edited two page (one sheet) newsletter to Russ for edit-copy-distribution. We need to get word out now about the caroling event and the need for candidates. Later this month, I will prepare a "January" newsletter and include what was left off this one. I will try to reign in wordiness. Look at my subject list and let me know what I am missing, or what priority you attach to subjects. All these non-included items are in response to suggestions or a perceived need for info to our membership, though it could be argued a couple pieces are fluff. One neighbor told me I should get rid of anything not directly to do with Glen Farms. But...if Glen farmers get in their cars, pay taxes, or send their kids to school in Cecil County; suddenly the pertinency of issues expands greatly! Different neighbors have varied priorities - young, retired, active, parents, single, shut-in, toddler, nature lover, motorcyclist, horse person, squaredancer, lawyer, plumber, doctor, high school dropout....all these can describe neighbors in Glen Farms.

As for who reads how much or what, I cannot tell. I suspect some read nothing, some read some or just skim, and many read everything. If I prioritize what board wants prioritized by size, placement, boxes or typeface; I can help direct attention for that contingent who we theorize reads less than all our items.

I like Scott's idea about putting "more info" spots on website and direct folks from newsletter to there, but keep in mind, many in our neighborhood have no access or are uncomfortable with web issues and I'll bet blogging an even bigger stretch - though I can work in that format. Can our board members? As testimony, I will cite our existing website and the discussion and news item features which seem to have gone unused in the past, despite some attempts to promote it. Also, the directory shows fewer than half our neighbors included email on their address sheets to Russ. Also, Scott, let me know how best for me to transmit newsletter approved (and edited by Russ or others) copy to you for inclusion on web site.

Overall, I know the newsletter needs improvement, but I think we have come a long way from where it started sfive issues and a year back. After tonight's Reynolds Farm hearing and this Friday's ARCA court date in Annapolis are off my desk, I will devote more time to that next issue of newsletter.


Posted by sshaw on 12/13/2005
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