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Disappearing Squirrels

Posted in: Sharpstown

I do trap squirels but I do not kill them. They are relocated a few miles away from my home because they are not cute furry little creatures. They dig up all my seeds that I plant. They eat all my fruit and vegitables or I should say that they destroy it. They wont eat it, just take it off the tree or vine and take one or two bites and leave the rest. They are constantly making holes in my roof and subroof and getting into my attic which is very costly on my fixed income. I used to think they were cool little animals but now know them for what they really are, rodents. I asked the animal control to come and help but they told me they could not do anything and advised me to poison them because they are pests. I do not beleive in killing animals for sport of for just doing what comes naturally to them. I do however think that relocating them to a location where they are welcome is a far better solution and will continue to do so until it becomes futile and then will have to come up with another solution. Before you get started giving advise on how to keep squirels out of my garden or trees keep in mind that I have done that already. The only thing that is working so far is to relocate them. If it becomes unfruitful then I may have to resort to the advise that the animal control gave me. Lets hope it does not come to that. I am only a few miles from the sharpstown area. If you like I can start to bring them over to your neighborhood but keep in mind that the reason I am relocating them is because they are a nuisance and destructive.

Also I was thinking that dead/disappearing squirels could be the result of something like west nile. Keep an eye out for dead birds etc and if you suspect something then call the proper authorities to have some testing done. This could lead to peple disappearing also if there is an epidemic in  that area. Just some food for thought.

Squirrel gets attracted by woods and trees. As they can also cause extensive damage to your home and the risk of electrical fire can get serious, so squirrel infestations should be handle with as quickly as possible. You can call a wildlife control experts or an exterminator in East Bay specialist for advice on where to obtain the traps and where to take the squirrel once they are caught.

Sadly ground squirrels are considered 'gaming animal' and 'nuisance animals' according to laws in Texas.  However, if you can prove someone is killing them, they can be ticketed if they do not first obtain a hunting license, even if they are using air or pellet guns.  Hopefully they are just busy in their nests with newborns!

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