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Gateway West Townhouse Association By-Laws

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Wink I was  told the other day by one of the directors of Gateway Ct. that many owners have their own laws for their own tenants.


We here in Gateway West  Townhouse Assoc. have By-Laws that are for all owners and tenants. Since when can owners - Older Owners that have owned property here for many years; Newer Owners who have owned property here for a shorter time, how can they make up their own laws for their tenants when we have the main By-Laws for everyone.


I did not know all townhouse areas are allowed to have many kind of laws when there already exists the original By-Laws.


When anyone moves to another city to buy property, they do not make up their own laws to live by for that city.


This place is in a little disarray with all the laws by many owners. Tenants drive every which way when driving in and out of the court yard. Vehicles have met within a few feet head on when tenants drive out the wrong way and drive in the wrong way. This drive is only a "2 - way" and not a "4-way". The way the tenants

drive here - you would think it is a "4-way." The lanes in the drive only have room for "2-way".


There are many items that need addressing but are not. The only attention is spending the maintenance fees in the courts of law and barely in Gateway Ct.

We do not pay maintenance fees for the directors to sue persons wrongly in the courts of law. We pay maintenance fees for the grounds in the summer and winter, to remove trees, pave the drive, take care of the lighting, update drainage ways for the court yards - the one I live in needs a new drainage system badly for the rains in the winter - the water freezes and must be chopped with shovels.


Gateway Ct. needs to be updated to current day style - a new sign is needed in front also. Gateway Ct. has had a name given by the directors: "Blighted area", this has been going on for too many years. You can be poorer but you can look much better with pretty paint for todays new home look. I hope you understand what we are trying to say.


This is the story - any comments, suggestions will be gladly received.


Thank you.

Tenants of Gateway Ct.

RH - 10/19/2010




I have tried contacting you via email with no response. Please email me at or call (317) 539-2024. I need to speak to you about the waste collection at your condominiums, immediately. We have been trying to contact you for a few months now.


Thank you,

Britter Matthews-Cook

Ray's Trash Service, Inc.

(317) 539-2024

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