Posted in: Valley Creek North
Instead of paying another property management company to oversee our community, here is my request to do away with VCNHOA. So, please put this on the agenda for the homeowners to vote upon. If you don't, keep in mind you will be paying even higher fees in the next go around!!! In essence, all of us are simply paying another form of taxation that we can't even write off!

I agree and we are also paying for those idiots L&R Systems to collect the dues, when we could have an online account and have the board administer it.  I have lived here for 8 years now and it makes me sick everytime they send that damn Dues statement.


We should get rid of all who charge us these fees to only increase our dues.


I for one would be willing to take care of it, as I am an IT professional and could get this setup quickly and for free.


Plus, these idiots who think they can tell us what we can do around and in our homes can take a hike!!!!!!!!!

You are more than welcome, Ms. Edens, to volunteer your services to the HOA. I would point out, however, that you agree to the HOA and everything in it when you purchased your home.

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