Pond area needs clean-up

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Is anyone interested in cleaning up the pond area? I read a message posted regarding the clean up and it mentioned paying someone do it with the lawn service. What ever happen to that idea? Is there any rule in our homeowers association on who is responsible for that clean up. Are the fences suppose to be 6-feet high that back up to the pond? Also, someone has written/painted on the spill over walls. It looks very trashy for the neighbor hood. If I was driving throught to buy a home that would definitely turn me away. It looks toxic.

Completely in agreement. We are trying to sell our home and the neighborhood is unacceptable. We have potential buyers scared away by the grafetti on the spillway and the lack of yard care. The homeowner's rules and city codes need to be enforced. In addition, what has happened to the lawncare service we've had for many years to take care of the common grounds around the lake?
I had the same problem. Put my house up for sale, and those that came to look at it saw thr trashy pond across from my home and were scared off. I commented that he thought Crystal lake was the city dump.
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