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Please be considerate to your neighbors and refrain from parking in front of his/her house all the time. Especially, don't block their walkway. There may be senior residents within the home or children and this would cause an inconvenience to them. Be thoughtful and just don't park in front of another person's home if it can be helped.

Our neighbors at Hibiscus (between Mars & Copper leaves) usually parking on both sides of the street. It is very inconvenience to drive in and out when both side drivers get into the middle of the way. I suggest the V V C # 5 should considering the odd/even parking days.

While inconvient for those of us driving through Hibiscus, its within their right to park in front of their homes.  An alternative would be to spend the extra 10-15 seconds and exit the neighborhood via Valley Creek/Mars.

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It is always best to use your driveway and garage.  If, however, a family has multiple cars, moving the out of the way for others to exit the driveway is not always feasible.  I remember that it got annoying in my family.  We had 3 teenage drivers and a total of 4 cars, but my family was conscientious of the fact that parking in front of neighbor's homes was an irritant.  We went out and moved cars in the driveway to allow others to leave.


When ever possible, please avoid parking in front of your neighbor's house.  It's just the right thing to do.  For those parking in the curve of a cul-de-sac, please leave the spaces open in front of the sidewalks.  That is also the right thing to do.

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