Curbside Garbage Pickup

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The only people who are to put their garbage out on Wednesday and Saturday for curbside pickup are the units that have a garage. All of the units that do not have a garage are supposed to be using the dumpster located at the back of Oakwood Village. I've seen several people put their garbage bags out the night before for curbside pickup and the next morning I'm picking up their garbage that is all over the street from the animals. Please let your neighbors know the only people who are supposed to put garbage out for curbside pickup are the units with garages because they have trash cans. The units without garages are to use the dumpster.


I've lived in The Hammocks for two and half years and was just told this a few months ago. I learned this fact because my neighbor received a fine for putting their garbage out for pickup and they are in a unit without a garage. 


THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE RECYCLING WHICH IS FREE IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY! Just call 813-272-5680 and they will drop off the bins for free. They pickup recycling every 

Wednesday aat about 7:30 am. Remember about 80% of things you use can be recycled. They recycle glass, plastic, paper, cardboard. 

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Yesterday, the garbage truck were picking it up pretty much the garbage at every unit without garage. I had the opportunity to speak with the garbage truck driver and told him the units that do not have garage were suppose to be using the dumpster and he told me they will pick up the garbage if it is located 10 ft away from the curbside. It does not matter if  the unit has garage or not.  ????

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I live in a unit with no garage that i bought about a year ago. I will admit that at first i also would put my trash on the curb because the salespeople (when there was a sales office) said i could & that it would be picked up on trash days. after I went to my first HOA meeting, they brought up the fact that i was not supposed to & i stopped. I now take it to the dumpster even though there have been times that the trash has been so piled up that i've had no choice but to leave it outside. Since the sanitation guys drive up & down every street & pick up anything on the curbs, there may be some residents (ie renters) that assume they're okay to do so. There are plenty of people however that live in units with garages that put their trash out but do not have trash cans & the vultures have a feast with it & trash ends up all over the street. 

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