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Homeless under I-5 bridge

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There is a new homeless encampment setting up and growing under the I-5 78th Street overpass. Seriously folks; we need to take action (peaceful) to get these folks to use the resources provided by our taxes. There are shelters, kitchens, rehabs and food banks. We do not need a homeless encampment eating, sleeping, panhandling and attempting personal hygiene (!) on our city streets and where our children walk and bike.


If it continues Hazel Dell will begin to degrade, the economy worsen, crime increase, housing markets decrease even more and local business will suffer.


There are multiple things we need to do; first and foremost STOP GIVING THEM MONEY!!!! We already donate to them via our taxes for shelters, medical care, rehabs, food banks, etc.... so now we feel the need to give them disposable income for drugs and alcohol also?


Next call and write the County, City and State as well as the nearby businesses we may no  longer frequent due to the proximity of an ever growing homeless population. It's our home, now we need to protect it.


Hi there Jerk


I hope you end up homeless one day so you can humble yourself and grow a heart.


Every been to a shelter or kitchen for the homeless?  I bet not. Our taxes do nothing to support these ammenities, they rely on donations from people with blood in their veins unlike you.  Do you think the homeless are proud to be in the situation they are in? That they are happy to be under an overpass or performing hygene while asses like you scoff at them and encourage others to ignore the animals? While some homeless have addiction problems; most do not, and have simply suffered the results of our economic state. Assuming they are all spending donations from compationate strangers on booze and drugs is narrow and inhumane.  I pray for you my ignorant anonymous hate blogger.  I pray you encounter an event that brings you right off that high horse your riding.


 Have a nice day Tongue out

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Hi there jerk,


I agree and it could not have been said betterTongue out

I agree these vagrants are dangerous and a menace to our society in general. Of course these left wingers think we should continue feeding the week but my grand mother always told me "never feed stray cats....they breed" I propose we break up this encampment with clubs and torches and then deport these vagabonds inland somewhere.....maybe Detroit
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