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Seriously, this sounds sarcastic, but can I park anywhere on the parking side of the street?

People are parking on both sides of my house. Can I park my non-use car anywhere in the neighborhood? My car is an eyesore to myself, so I would rather park it 4 houses down from me.  Friggin' people in this neighborhood. If they are trying to chase us out - they are doing a fine job.

Come on over to North Shore Blvd...over here we have neighbors that BBQ with their grill in their driveway....over here we have people who don't fertilize their lawns and mow their dandelions every week, while we mow grass...over here we have neighbors that park their cars on their front lawn...over here we have neighbors that park their car on the street that has been leaking a qt. of oil a day for months now  all over the street...over here there are people who leave their dogs outside 24/7 barking til all hours of the nite and morning...and we pay an assessment to live here??....yet I can't put an above ground pool in the back yard, during one of the hottest summers ever in recorded history...I just don't happen to have an extra $25,000 in the bank, the cost to install an in ground pool...above ground pools can be taken down and grass grows back...what is the problem....not allowing above ground  pools is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life...

Go to your Annual meeting. Ask ahead of time from your HOA President, Tyson Burris. Tell him of your need to speak to the members concerning your pressing need to have an above ground swimming pool installed by changing the FLHOA Covenants. It appears that somehow you did not know about the covenants when you purchased your home. Those type of pools, normally, would look pretty badly as to showing wear, repair - thus, bringing down our property values very easily. Otherwise, your persistence / insistence probably will not "hold water" for most of your neighbors Some of your complaints could be probably handled by calling the city police when a person parks their car on the grass. When you have the problem of dogs barking, you can call the animal control office as well. Sometimes you may just have to be direct with your neighbor saying and that there is a problem of his dandelions going over on to your yard. If a person is leaving their grill out front on the driveway, you can call the property manager of the Kirkpatrick;whereupon, a letter could be sent to them having them move, after using, by moving the grill inside the garage with the garage door shut.
Have you tried calling the nonemergency police number? I have found that they are very responsive, and will even show the neighbor where they can park.
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