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Dryer Vents

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Can anyone tell me why in the world a builder would install dryer vents so high on the house that one needs a ladder and good balance to clean them?  This is the most rediculous plan I've ever seen.  I'm a single woman with health issues.  It would be so easy to clean the dryer vent routinely if they had been placed at the level of the dryer, which is right up against the wall where venting straight to the outside would have been a cinch. 

They are so high up, that birds build a nest in our's every year. It causes the dryer to

not run properly, so it has to be cleared. Never in my life have I seen a dryer vent so

high. Totally ridiculous. Our laundry room butts up against the bonus corner room of the garage, so they ran the vent pipe up and over that corner. I have to stand on my outside hvac unit to get to mine to clean it and can still barely reach it. I have also lost a lot of roof shingles as another post, the quality of the roof they put on was low grade.

The location of your washer/dryer will determine where the vent pipe is. If it is on an outside wall of your home then the vent will be relatively close to the ground. If they are located in a 'closet' in the interior of your home then the venting has to run up the wall, thru the attic, and get vented high up. I know this is problematic for some people, but that's pretty much the way a slab house has to be done (as opposed to crawlspace or basement construction).


It sounds like your situation can be resolved quite easily.


As for the birds nesting in the 2nd posters issue: try one of these items from Lowe's




I could help if either of you wishes, I am disabled Veteran but I grew up in a construction family. Let me know.

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