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Are Covenants Enforced Anymore?

Posted in: NE Colorado Springs
Have noticed quite a few boats and trailers in the front of houses (yes, even on Chancellor near the low-rent district) and thought that it was against covenants to store things like that in front of houses. It's slowly turning into an area that is not much different than the "south-side" of town where anything goes. I guess people have the "screw the covenants, I can do as I please" attitude. Newcomers, no doubt.

By Daniel Huffman

Yes, there are covenants that apply to each filing in the subdivisions. Problem is that there are at least 20 to 30 different sets of rules for Gatehouse and Fairfax and Briargate is no longer enforcing covenants.
They have an Architectural Control Committee, however, they mainly concentrate in new development (That is where the money is for La Plata!)

Problem is that we need money and people to enforce these outdated covenants. This is one area that NECSNA is looking at hiring a company to do. It is complicated and needs to be done legally.
We do not have mandatory dues, so this will be something we need to fund out of our volutary association.

At the meeting next week, we will discuss this. If there is enough interest, we may allocate some funds to investigate how much this would cost.

By Eric Krystkowiak

I am a home owner in the fairfax at briargate community and i am having problems with parking in a cul=de=sac. The cars are parking straight in on the street making it difficult for me and my family to back out. I have talked to the home owner about this and that worked for about a week. Now there are cars and a lot of them are there  i guess working on the house. If I back out of my driveway and run into one of the cars who is going to be at fault. It does not block my drive way, but does make me back to the center of the cul=de=sac before i can swing my car around. when is the next HOA meeting? where do i get a copy of the parking coveants? there is also a trailer they just moved in beside the house.

I live there, and I can say that you are absolutely correct.  The environment has gotten absolutely toxic because of the selective winner/loser targeted enforcement.  Covenants are sadly extremely outdated.  Your comment demonstrates the problems associated with that.  If a prospective buyer gets a copy and drives around, they will assume exactly what you describe - "I can do as I please".  Trouble is that that is not the case, and you will be cited for select offenses.  If a community is not going to maintain their covenants, then the HOA should dissolve itself.

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