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Hello Fourth Plain Village,

I am new here, I recently moved into Fourth Plain Village and loved it here so much because of the public transportation, less yard, so many of 1940's style houses everywhere, plenty of stores at the south and I even can imagine if I just live off those stores at the south, and everything about here, I actually do feel like I don't live in Vancouver, but in the village of Fourth Plain Village.

The property that I bought has kinda of wrecked house, I have been trying my best to make a plan to improve the house, I am considering to renovate the house and making it into a mini mansion someday when I have enough money.

Enough of my personal experience and goals with my property in the Fourth Plain Village, I just want to post some of my suggestions, I think you need to create a well detailed about the Fourth Plain Village, like when was the neighbor founded, what was that place when it was found, was it a village or just a part of Vancouver's city growth, or?  How many people live in Fourth Plain Village?  Which building or area in Fourth Plain Village was the first settlement?  I am sure there's more questions people would like to ask about the Fourth Plain Village.

Right now the "About Fourth Plain Village" link only show some of description of the neighbor, and some of its history.  I just think you should put more information than that.  It could help those people who reside in Fourth Plain Village to feel educated and knowledge about their own neighbor, not only to those, but also to those who are new to Fourth Plain Village to learn about our neighbor.

Thank you for reading Wink


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Ive owned my home in the "village" for a few years now and it is a great, diverse place to live. I would have to agree with you, It would be great to get some kind of History link about our spacific area. I can tell you that most the homes around here were build for the Kaiser Ship yards and military familys. I do know that what is now the Red Cross building, was once a community center for the area. Hopefully someone will post some links that will tell the story a little better then I.




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