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bashing of new board!!!

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I don't know about the rest of y'all but, I would think that it would become apparently obvious when someone posted the message entitled ''same 2'' that when you take a look at the majority of the negativity towards the new board is coming from the, you guessed it, ''same 2''. Those two were also members of the previous board, who speak about what they got done, however, what got done? You would think (as posted in previous responses) that the attendance of the most homeowners in recent history to an annual meeting to elect new board members would be a clue that their job performance was a serious issue. Apparently not. I must be missing something, somehwere in the logic that comes to a conclusion other than that.

In another thread, one person mentioned that the site admin for the now defunct HOA site didn't explain himself, I don't know, I understood it pretty well and even figured out what the original message to the site admin must have been about from the reply all w/o ever seeing the original message. Some must always have something to complain about I guess.

Perhaps a COP wouldn't be a bad idea, if we had one who didn't think he was a real cop, and do things they have no authority to be doing. I think there is gonna be a tendency in this community because of bad things I heard about the previous program that was in place, to lean away from that. I could be wrong.

The funniest thing to me is that the same two who are doing most of the bashing of the new board haven't offered any tangible suggestions, and the reason that there is a lack of volunteerism in this community could be linked to the apathy that spawned from the closed door policy the previous board for the most part endorsed. You worked for the community, not the other way around. I said it before and I'll say it again, move on, unless you have something to offer in the way of advice, and help, in addition to the criticisms you post. When you don't offer solutions, you are just part of the problem.

All this information from a young man that lives at home with his Mother & Father.
Does not pay for the mortgage on his parents home nor the yearly dues for said home.
This young man likes to use his finger gestures to homeowners he does not like and foul language to make his point, just like his Mother does.
Is G. Anderson a Board Member? I don't think so. He can't claim to be a Homeowner if he is living at home with Mom & Dad. Is he running our Newsletter? If so, then where is the follow up letter to the homeowners stating why the newsleters were late?
So did our new board appoint G. Anderson the spokes person for the board and the newsletter? Where is this information in the minutes?
Your (2) offered solutions on this site have gone far? NOT !
Please finish your schooling and own a home before you offer your input on matters that you have no clue on :(
Until you are a responsible adult & cleaned up your act, then you can voice yourself !
Remember to read your post before you send them.

Thank You and Good Day.. :)

Tired of sparring

Read your newsletter and you would see the apology from the newsletter committee; and that the problem of the last newsletter being late was not our fault truly. Where was a newsletter when you were on the board?

Forgive my son for defending the new board that he help go door to door to door to get people to get out and vote for a board last Oct. Think the neighborhood spoke out that they were tired of way things were going and seems to be a new tide of participation occurring since you are gone.

Seems to me that you were the one that told me to go to hell one time about 3 years ago when I told you your truck was creating a traffic hazard way it was parked on the corner and then you got all defensive when my husband tried to talk to you about what you had said to me. Who is the one that has video cameras on his house cause he has ticked off so many people and afraid of what might happen to him. We don't have time to waste on giving you finger gestures and you accuse us of being foul mouth but who is the one that got the other on-line site shut down? You.
But I won't hire a lawyer and sue you for slander like you talked about doing to me once.

Is alot more I could go on and on about, but you know what, once a moron always a moron. So the last thing I will say to you (besides use spell checker when you type!) is


Vicki Anderson
Same Crap

Seems to me you were deeply involved in getting the ''free'' site dropped as well. Lots of slander and name calling and your typical nasty attitude.

The newsletters have been nothing but a classified section looking for volunteers. Every committee needs help and my bet is they're not getting much. My newsletters are either late getting here or don't get here at all.

Who cares about what happens anyway? The pool is so cloudy you can't see the bottom. The chemicals are so far out of balance as to be unsafe. The pool entrance looks like the slums on another side of town. Homeowners are doing what they want regardless of what the bylaws or restrictions say. (Please note red fence on Lynx Range.) And all the while the board sits back and watches.

I wonder if we paid the usual $5,000 finders fee that the pool maintenance guy charges to find lifeguards. We don't have any financial statements to check, but I'll bet he made a killing. His service sucks, his worker's attitudes suck (not the lifeguards - they are pretty nice), and his business ethics suck. What a great vendor for the board to select!

Before you go throwing stones at others for their writing, you should check your own. Tons of errors in that last post.

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