Disappearing Squirrels

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We live on Mobud and have always enjoyed the squirrels. We have 3 squirrel feeders which we keep filled with sunflower seeds. Within the past 2 weeks, every squirrel has disappeared. Every morning I take a mile and a half walk around the neighborhood and do not see a single squirrel. I am afraid someone is killing them. If this is so, is there something that can be done? Does anyone know what is happening to them?

I still see squirrels on Roos.

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Hello Squirrel Lover,


I am also a Squirrel lover and Squirrel Rehabber.  I just joined this site & saw your question.  I noticed you posted your question in August, and this is the 2nd time of year Squirrels give birth to their young.  The females you probably saw running around are staying close to the nest for the first couple of weeks after giving birth.  They venture out briefly to get food & hurry back to the nest to protect their babies.  This could be why you don't see them as often.  It is always possible some mean person is trapping & killing them.  You can message me if you find an injured or orphan squirrel, I rehab them & then release them if they are able to be released.  Thank you for being a friend to the Squirrels, they need food and nesting boxes to keep warm or they will die.  Thanks again.

 I still see them on Rosewood Glen Dr. as well.  They have decreased lately, but I think that is seasonal.  We do see occassional dead squrels on our road from people driving too fast, but luckily that's only a couple every year.



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