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Is Fort Collins a good place to raise kids??

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…and you know a nurse at PVH!  This all seems meant to be… thank you so much.

As soon as I know my plans for Spring Break I will let you know – I would LOVE to meet your friend and talk nurse to nurse – I’m sure she will give me the scoop!

And I think I’ll be treating myself to the Hilton.  Wink  thx!

Heather ,you are talking to a bunch of realtors that want to sell you a home.First of all the weather compared to Texas is NOT the same.Today is March 4 and its 57 today.Last week there was snow on the ground.It snows all winter stays in the 20's and at some points is in the single digits.It gets warm,nice around May.I know this because my son's birthday is April 29 ad for the past 3 years that I've lived here its been cold,and windy and or raining with sleet.We got the first snow this year on Oct.28.So summer lasts roughly 5 months,then its gone for a long time.Its is a nice place to live.250,00 would put you in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.


The schools are good.My son goes to a small neighborhood school which I love.The school's budgets have been cut greatly.How that will affect them at this point I'm not sure.Just something for you to consider.I have heard good things about PVH.I have a frind that is a nurse there as well.and she has stated before its a competitive place to work.


Yes there are tons of bike trails.I have noticed more and more homeless people lingering around them lately.


This is a college town so there are lots of college kids.They take up alot of space and can be annoying at times.They leave around May and come back in August .You can defiantly tell because the traffic can get out of control.We still have local trains,so if you get caught you can be waiting a while for them to pass.Just thought I would share a few things that a realtor will not.

hey guys i'm 14 and i go to poudre high school. all i got to say is dont live near rogers park unless you like the smell of sweet marijuana, cigs, and occasionally a huka

Hi Heather:


You are looking at the best place in the US to live,  I happily lived 15 years in FC as a NJ transplant.  Your house price will get you a great house. Look in Huntington Hills, Brittnany Knolls, or Sundance.  Most neighborhoods have pools, all neighborhoods have a park within walking distance.  You can bike from one end of town to the other on paved bike trails.  When we moved to NC my kids tested in the 99 percentile because the schools in FC are so good.  Poudre Valley Hospital is the bomb.  Lots of shopping a fantastic Old Town, great resturants and if your looking for a good church try the Fort Collins Vineyard, we loved it

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