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highland hills no soliciting signs really work

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Residents in the Forrest lane Royal land 75229 area neighborhood watch have designed stickers 3"by 4" and signs for their homes and businesses to keep door to door solicitors from leaving their "trash/newspapers" on their property...THESE ARE VERY EFFECTIVE! On a street Vinecrest they have a sign that reads "THIS STREET NO SOLICITING NO ADVERTISING VIOLATORS REPORTED Dallas city ord. 10371 & 14300..." This is a enforced Dallas City Code....but you must call 311 to report any violators.  The code enforcement officer comes to your home or business to retrieve the items that were left and issues the business that left it a $250.00 to 650.00 fine (whatever mood they are in at the time I was told by an officer...)


These are much more effective than just the No Soliciting signs that they ignore...the code printed on the sign WORKS!


You can design you own but they must be a certain size and posted where visable also the words must be a certain font.  On Dallas Code website the specifics about the signs are listed.


If you drive down these streets you will see house after house has these signs and basically the "pests" might as well drive to another area.


Also while you are out of town there will be no trash on your door or porch telling everyone "Hey I'm not home come rob me"...


Businesses I have seen these stickers is in shopping Center at Forest and Marsh. In front of an Insurance Company, Antique Store, Beauty Shop, several Dentist Offices, etc. etc.


Streets behind this shopping area, Weeburn, Vinecrest, Shady Hill, Pallos Verdes, Northview, etc etc. 


Believe me they work...make your own...or have the neighboorhood association in your area have some made.  Just don't forget to put the code 10371 & 14300....

The poster is 1/2 right, you need to do some research before posting information on any site.  I have attached the actual ordance.  THE SIGN PLACED IN A ROADWAY OR MEDIAN HAS NO VALUE OR MEANING.   Each and every resident has to have their own sign, in order for it to be enforced: 


Dallas City Ordinance 10371        HAND-BILLS / ADVERTISING FLYERS

Dallas City Code Section 7A-13, Ordinance 10371 states that "No person shall throw, deposit or distribute commercial advertising on any private premises, if requested by anyone thereon not to do so, or if there is placed on such premises in a conspicuous position near the entrance thereof, a sign bearing the words 'No Trespassing,' 'No Peddlers or agents,' 'No Advertisement,' or any similar notice indicating in any manner that the occupants of such premises do not desire to be molested or have their right of privacy disturbed or to have any such handbills left upon such premises." The initial fine is $500 for violation of this ordinance with a max of $2,000.


Dallas City ordinance 14300          Door-to-Door solicitors are regulated by Dallas City Ordinance 14300, Chapter42, Sec. 42-21. “No Solicitors, No Advertising” decals should be in a conspicuous position near the entrance to your home.

The small signs at individual doors are enforceable if displayed (meaning you can report violators); large neighborhood signs are not as you cannot enforce no solicitors/no advertising for a whole neighborhood. However, they are still a deterrent.

Following is the legal basis for these signs:

  • Solicitation is prohibited prior to 9:00 AM or after 30 minutes following sunset of any day, Monday through Saturday, and at any time on a Sunday, New Year’s Day, July 4th, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas day whether or not a sign is displayed.
  • The ordinance exempts a person holding a charitable solicitation permit while engaging in an authorized charitable solicitation.
  • The ordinance provides that no person may throw, deposit, or distribute any commercial or noncommercial ADVERTISING on any private premises displaying this type of sign in a conspicuous manner.
  • A home owner desiring that no person solicit at his residence shall exhibit in a conspicuous place upon or near the main entrance to the residence, a weatherproof card, not less than three inches by four inches in size, containing the words, NO SOLICITORS.” The letters shall be not less than two-thirds of an inch in height.

Steps to take to eliminate the unwanted solicitors in our neighborhoods:

  • Post a “No Solicitors” card/sign in accordance with the instructions above. If you do not want to attach it directly on glass or wood or you need to post it on/by a gate, you can buy a ceramic tile from the hardware store and attach it to the tile, which can then be glued to the gate or surface.
  • Encourage neighbors to do the same.
  • DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR, but speak to the person through the door and tell her / him to go away or you will call the police department.
  • Be sure you let the unwanted person know you are home so they will not attempt a break-in.
  • Direct their attention to the “No Solicitors” sign. If they leave without objection, you may report the violation with the date, time and name of the company to Code Enforcement at 311. If the solicitor will not leave or is in any way threatening, call 911 immediately and report the incident.

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