Why a Commercial Business in a Residential Neighborhood??

Posted in: Highland Acres-Lakeside Heights
Does anyone know What is going in on the Corner of N. Oak and Cookingham Road and Why it was rezoned to butt up to homes that will never be able to be sold? Why wasn't this stopped by our HOA? How is it we Never see any information in the newsletter or on the website that Pertains to the Neighborhood other than Dues and Bids for vacant lot mowing or mosquito spraying (that seems to do nothing by the way)?
I am Appalled that there is a rezoning in the Neighborhood that is allowing a business to be built at the corner of Cookingham and N. Oak. The blight of the neighborhood continues with this slap in the face to the neighbors who Tried to build homes on that corner of the street. Now the rate of home break-ins will be on the rise. The riff-raff and robbery heightened and yet the HOA failed to even Post that it was rezoned or WHAT is going in on the corner. I feel for the neighbors that this butts right up to their property. Their property value just went into the dumpster. No One will buy a home now. Foreclosures will be on the rise again.
WHAT is going in on the corner and WHY?
It's no wonder no one will join or enter into a Discussion on the HOA website. No one ever posts any responses or replies and there never seems to be any information about the neighborhood or anything that is Current. There hasn't been a discussion since 2012 on the discussion board, so I don't imagine this will be seen, read or replied to. No one even responded to the user that Asked when the 2013 Picnic was. 

Over a year ago, it was brought to the attention of board members that a Dollar General was being proposed for the lot that had been rezoned.  Some of the property on N Oak has been zoned commercial, but the proposal had several concerns that were addressed.  Several articles were posted on this website since last February to inform residents of the proposal.  Meetings were attended and the City responded to the concerns expressed and required the Dollar General to upgrade the original plans significantly.  At the 2013 annual meeting last March, a great deal of information was presented to those in attendance and a summary was included in the Spring 2013 newsletter that went to all residents in our association.  Newsletters are also posted on the website.  The information was available for our residents even though that lot is not within our boundaries of the homes association and the city and project planners were not required to inform us.  I suggest you review information on the website prior to criticizing the volunteers who helped improve the project that was destined to occur. Much more information can be obtained from those articles than from a discussion.

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