Fisher Park Neighborhood Association

General Meeting February 15, 2005

Feb 26, 2005

Fisher Park Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting Minutes

Date: February 15, 2005

Board Attendance Jerry Wood (President)
Rick Hollabaugh (Treasurer)
Jeff Van Hoosier (Secretary)
Tom Smalley (Vice President)
Diane Farley (Member at Large)
Tom Pataca (Member at Large)

Number of Residents: 29

Called to Order: 7:00PM


This is the first General Meeting of the 2005 year.

Thank you all for attending. It is so important to have your support and input into our neighborhood. We want to ensure that the right steps are taken to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood for year to come ?– Thank you for attending!

Welcome Residents:
 Welcome Kyle & Salomeh Kingston, 518 Jonquil

Guest Speaker(s):
Officer Jose Gonzales gave an update on the crime in area, was available for questions and answers for residents.
 Discussion items:
o Crime in our immediate area has dramatically reduced. Primarily due to residents reporting suspicious activity over the past 1-2 years. Calling is the best way to prevent crime.
o Please call and report all suspicious activity to 245-8665. All calls are logged no matter how small. Then entered into the computer and analyzed for patterns and statistics.
o Officers are dispatched where the ?“needs?” are in the City. If we don?’t call, then ?“needs?” will not be established and we will not get as much attention. It?’s simple ?– call.
o Please report all persons in the creek, as this is against the law and can lead to break-ins (money needed for drugs), fires (heating and cooking food).
 Graffiti should be reported to the same number above. More reports, more attention, more resolution.

Regan Candelario from City of Santa Ana, Neighborhood Improvements
 22 Freeway: Provided information pertaining to the 22 Freeway project. Contact OCTA at if you would like to be added to their email distribution list to receive updates on street closures or neighborhood impacts associated with the project. Project 22 Freeway should be completed by late 2006.
 Farmers Site: Provided information pertaining development for the Farmers Site. Shea Homes (developer) has submitted plans to the City. They are currently under review... The site may contain 26 homes, built similar to the Armstrong Ranch site near South Coast Plaza. The company has engaged an ?“out reach?” consultant company to work with the City and Neighborhoods. Regan will try and have the consultant (Wayne Peterson of RBF Consulting) at our next General Meeting May 17, 2005.

Incorporating the new development into Fisher Park. Discussion for ?“refreshing?” the letter that our Neighborhood submitted to the City requesting certain mitigation and area improvement was reviewed. Submission of any revisions would have to be made with-in 5 days. It was determined that not enough time was available. An attempt will be made to communicate with the Planning Department directly by resident Alfredo (resident on Memory Lane) to see if possibly recommendation to focus on including the new development in the existing association (Fisher Park) and to not gating the community. We will need to work with the City to ensure that all concerns with negative impacts during construction are mitigated. Residents with concerns should contact the City Planning department directly or attend the next our General Meeting.

 Centerline: Due to the Federal Government not approving the project, the ?“matching fund?” from the Federal Government was needed in order to build the rail project as we know it today. Other mass transit alternatives are being considered. More information will be forthcoming in the months ahead. For updates, log onto

 General Comments: Floral Park Home Tour in April. For free tickets in exchange for ?½ day being a home docent or general information reference

Grain Project ?– Farmers Grower Market is still looking for a privately owned site to host the market. Currently working with two sites, could start as early as May 2006.

Board Updates:
Jerry ?– President
 Update: One Broadway Plaza ?– Measure A Vote April 5th.

Treasurer Update
 Balance $557+
 Committed funds $150 for sign painting
 Membership drive will be schedule for April or May via flyer
 Request to send Email requesting membership be included in membership drive this year.

Resident & Committee Updates:
 Flower Street Bridge Refurbishment. Resident Alfredo found that there is $500,000 allocated to this bridge restoration/refurbishment. Plans are being reviewed currently and it is possible that improvement could start to happen with this year. This would include repairing cracks, deterioration, graffiti removal, restricting creek access, etc.

 Traffic

 Fisher Park Tree Reforesting Update / Barbara
Additional discussion regarding current plantings. Resident Tom offer additional Website information for additional information:

Joyce Local Resident
 Discussed and provided information pertaining a new private school called ?“Caden Heights of Orange. For more information contact Mr. Chris Grant 538-0402.

 Vice President Update:
2005 General Meeting
May 17
August 16
November 15

2005 Board Meeting
March 8 / Tom
May 10 / Diane
July 12 / Jerry
September 13 / Rick
November 8 (Election Meeting) / Tom

Dumpster Day / March 12, 7-noon:
925 River
1222 Sharon (includes Hazardous waste pickup)
814 Park
714 Memory

Flyer Distribution Volunteers ?– ?“Neighborhood Angels?”:
Thanks to the following residents for volunteering this year to distribute flyers to homes in our neighborhood. Flyers are needed to be distributed on the average of once per month. Usually, flyers are provided 10 day prior to an event/meeting/etc. and we request that flyers be placed as soon as possible, upon receipt. There are a few streets that need covering this year (below) you don?’t have to live on the streets to assist the association in delivering to these residents. Please email Tom Smalley at if you would like to volunteer to distribute flyers.

Area Volunteer 2005
Memory Lane & Flower / 41 Homes Alfredo / Memory Lane
Inside Jonquil / Park Loop / 30 Homes OPEN
Outside Jonquil / Park Loop / 45 Homes OPEN
Both sides of River Lane / 60 Homes Joyce / River Lane
Both sides of Sharon Road / 55 Homes OPEN


General Meeting Door Prize / Donations Needed:

Door prizes are very important and a fun way to increase attendance at our general meetings. If you have a door prize that you would like to donate for the next general meeting, please contact Tom Smalley at or call 836-1016. Door prizes can be dropped off at any time at 1222 Sharon Road.

We would like to give TWO if not THREE door prizes per General Meeting.

February?’s General Meeting Door Prize:
Gift certificate for DINNER FOR TWO to the TerraNova Restaurant. Located in the beautiful Wyndham Hotel (in the Arts District of Costa Mesa, directly across the street from the Performing Arts Center).

May 17, 2005 General Meeting Door Prize:

August 16, 2005 General Meeting Door Prize:

November 15, 2005 General Meeting Door Prize:

Join The Email Network:
If you know of other Fisher Park neighbors that would like to join the Fisher Park Email Network, please have them email and to be added.

Fisher Park Website:
Contains a calendar of events and contact information on the Santa Ana Neighborhood Link at

End of meeting 8:15PM.

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