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Centruy Link high-speed in farmington

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I hooked up my century link today on a free 30 day trial and i'm impressed.  I previously had comcast 50m which for the first year they snuck 100m in on me.  I was hesitant to switch to dsl because depending on your distance from the nearest node you can have latency issues (I game alot).  Also dsl has a tendancy to slow down at peak hours.


Seeing as this is the first day I've had it, I can't give a complete review.  But my download speeds are good and latency is good.  In this neighborhood we apparently have fiber ran to us and they call it a dedicated connection so it's not supposed to drop speeds.


So far I highly recommend it, half the price and no draw backs over comcast.


(also centurylink is a better company, they easily renew intro prices every year and don't try to sign you up for more services in the process)

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