Stand UpForest Ridge, Its time for change in the politics here....

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Hello Neighbors of Forest Ridge,

     I want to take a  moment and voice some concerns, it is my wish to gather the voices of the people here within Forest Ridge, and come together and make a difference.


     We must get this association situation under better management, if you were at the yearly meeting, and received a copy of the finicial report, you may have noticed a number of concerns.  First, nothing on the page added up right.


Second, the association sent us an association bill in Jan.  It went overlooked due to constructional things, you know, we set it  Planning to pay $110, we then receive a second bill claiming we owed still for the year prior.  Knowing things get busy, I knew I was sure it was an error.  So, I went to my bank and pulled records and had them run a few copies of those facts, and in fact we had paid them and they were trying to re-collect.  Which made me wonder how many times has this happened, I want to see a full AUDIT of the financials, it is our money, we have a right to know the real numbers.

As I was reviewing there documents, I noticed the snow removal bill was around $6000.....for what appeared to be 14 times of removal, who couldn't own a plow at those prices, "I mean here we are in a recessional year and were paying how much?"


I think we need to ask alot of questions, like:


Is the association president actually, looking after the greater good or just the JONES?

What exactly does the architectural committee actually do?

And should they be alloud to through stones when they live in glass houses?

Are they bias?  Do they treat everyone with equal respect?

Do they tend to behave like they have more power, and are Value-O-Metered at Respected or Valued?  Cracks me up! 

I know your sitting back and reading this, thinking....yes, I am with you, and I agree, there are some real power kickers among us. 

The thing is, we can all afford to live here, some of us can afford to live better than this.  There are a few board members we need to replace, 3-4 off the top of my head, but it has got to be done with the voices.  You can email us personally at, if you have the strength to bring harmony back to the neighborhood, stand up and help us make a difference here.  All you have to do is connect, and we will make real changes together.  No one is better than anyone else, we are all homeowners.  RESPECTED & VALUED wether credited by there meters or not....(ITS ON YOUR PROFILE PAGE).

Someday we will all have time to be judged by a more worthy judge....Jesus Christ himself.


Don't be BULLIED, don't stay silent, don't wait for others to do the job we have the opportunity to do.


We deserve to know who is spending our neighborhoods funds and what for, they are  liable, and there assets are at stake if the answers don't add up.  We have got to get together.  Why are there no sidewalks, and all the streets are 20mph....we have kids and there is nothing for them in our commons area.  We own alot of stuff, where is it, whos got the tent, and chairs, and everything WE OUR Association owns?  Are there only a select few who have these things for there own purpose?  Speak....please, I have all the faith in the world I'm not alone, and neither are you...Sincerely, The Makofka's

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