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Lawn Care in Lakewood Estates

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Many of the front and back lawns in Lakewood Estates look very bad!.  Homeowners are not cutting their grass and most have never used any type of weed treatment and fail to maintain grass located at the curbs in front of homes.  This problems needs to be addressed.  It is difficult to sale a house in a community when potential buyers see the lack of concern for lawn care.  What is the landscaping committee doing about this?  Are they monitoring the Lakewood Estates and contacting the homeowners in violation?  Alert: It is this type of behavior that brings down all the homeowner's property value!  Thanks, Concerned Homeowner
Neighbors, Scotts Lawn Care Service 770.840.0114 treats weeds for about Est. $42 for 8 treatments a year and Chemlawn Lawn 404.361.1970 treats for about Est. $35 for 8 treatments a year. Call for services and prices information.  There are many other companies who treat lawns... do some research.  I personally have you both Scott and Chemlawn and have been very please with their services.  Otherwise, check out the local stores Home Depot and/or Lowes for Weed and lawncare products for the do-it-yourself folks.  FYI, Homeowners.
Look concerned neighbor, if you don't know or haven't paid any attention to the news every homeowner in america is having a difficult time selling a home. For that matter most are having a hard time keeping there homes, so weeds and lawn care is the least of most people worries. Most of you concerned (want to be rich) homeowners need to either move to buckhead or get a life.Kiss

Lets keep the criticism constructive. My wife is a Real Estate professional and she says that the way a house and neighborhood looks on the outside is the first impression that a homebuyer gets of a particular area and if they don't like how it looks on the outside they tend to not even go inside. So the keeping up of your lawns does have a drastic effect on the property value of your property.

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