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Use of the "Talk About it Page"

The intent of the implementaion of this website three years ago was to provide a forum for the community as well as providing new residents looking for a home a way to "rate" our community. It was NOT meant to replace DIRECT communication with the board by the homeowners. This statement has been posted in the newsletter and stated verbally. It was something the board voted to enact in an effort to create more bonds within the community. It is being abused, used for spreading outright lies and continually berating and degrading not just individuals but the community and association itself, of which EVERY homeowner is a part. It was done as a service and is not being used in that manner. The institution of it and the maintenance of it is a privilege, not a right.

Please keep in mind that irony, sarcasm and "insider comments and jokes" are not easily understood in written postings and the discussion area will be a place whrere everyone will refrain from rudeness, name-calling, gossip and swearing (including swear words that are only partially spelled out). When posting, please make your point, request or proposal so that everyone can understand it and then let others reply. Neighborhood Link has "Terms of Use" policies that describe postings that will be deleted. If you would like to know what these are, please check Neighborhood Links Terms of Use at the top[ of the "Talk About It" page.

This Site is a sign of what the neighborhood is about and what its values are. It is like a billboard advertising the Encino Bluff neighborhood, so remeber that anyone in the world can read what you write. This does not mean that we can not discuss our problems here, it means we should be aware of how the discussion is presented.

This web site is here to encourage civic communication and we hope that you will continue to enjoy it in the spirit for which it is intended.

Posted by ebweb on 11/07/2000
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