Encino Bluff Homeowner's Association

Annual Meeting-January 2007

January 2007

Annual Meeting
Minutes January 29, 2007

Board Members Present:
Boards of Directors present were president, Bryan Lewis, Vice President, Lauren Cook, and Treasurer John Ryan.

Management Company Representatives:
Rodney Herrera & Rebecca Fuentes of Diamond Association Management & Consulting, DAMC were present.

Call to Order & Introduction:
Meeting called to order by Bryan Lewis at 7:00 p.m. At this time the Board of Directors and representatives from DAMC were introduced.

Verification of Quorum:
Rodney Herrera of DAMC verified a Quorum was met with 31 members being represented

Approval of Minutes:
Bryan Lewis asked for a motion to approve minutes as is by afirmation. A member motioned, another seconded, minutes were approved.

BOD Reports:
John Ryan gave the treasurer report, he discussed the financials and also gave a comparison of the amount of expenses that the new board and previous board had spent. Lauren Cook then spoke on covenant violations and the BOD’s views on them. There will now be more tolerance from the BOD when it comes to sending out covenant violations.

New Business:
Lauren Cook and Bryan Lewis spoke about changing the Declaration. They informed the residents that it would take 75% of the Association to vote in order for any changes to be made. Residents discussed ways to get the 75% they needed to vote.
Residents brought up issues they had with renters and other people in the community that were causing problems. They basically wanted to know what could be done to these residents who were causing problems.
Speed bump issues were also brought up at this time by Bryan Lewis he informed the residents that a test had been performed by the city and Encino Bluff did not qualify for speed bumps. He also let the residents know that the only way they could have speed bumps put in would be if they made their Association a private community.
Residents also expressed that they would like to have covers put over their mailboxes in order to prevent the mail from getting wet when it rains. Bryan Lewis let the residents know in order to have covers put on Encino Bluff would have to buy the property surrounding all the mailboxes in order to make these improvements.
Another resident also brought up an issue about the landscaping in front of the entrance on Bulverde. John Ryan let the resident know that by Spring the landscaping on the entrance of Bulverde will match the landscaping of the entrance on Caliza.
John Ryan also informed residents that beginning next month and for every month from then on the BOD will elect a yard of the month and that resident will win a prize of $100. The same house can not win twice in the same year in order to be fair to all residents.
Residents also volunteered to be Block Captains for their streets meaning these volunteers would supervise and report any misconduct or covenant violations taking place to DAMC. The Block Captains are Mary Hillis for Heather Bluff, Brenda Anders for Westmark, Connie for Longwood, and Ken Wladyka for Tenore.

Floor Nominations:
Lauren Cook opened up the floor for nominations. Ken Wladyka was nominated but declined and Brenda Anders was nominated and accepted nomination.

Votes Tallied:
An election by secret ballot took place, and the new Board Member is Bryan Lewis with 23 votes. He will have a three year term. Brenda Anders received 6 votes.

Meeting Adjourned:
A motion to end the meeting was made and seconded. All approved. Bryan Lewis adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm

Respectively Submitted By:
Rodney Herrera
Director of Operations

Posted by barenburg on 02/06/2007
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