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Suspicious Activity

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Please report any suspicious activity - people, cars, events, etc to the Laurel Hill Board and call the Orangeburg Sheriff's Department at 534-3550.

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Rockers stolen

We are the new neighbors at 144 Airy Hall. We did have two rocking chairs stolen off our front porch a couple of weeks ago. We believe it was done during the day. We did report it to the Sheriff's office. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen. As more people buy homes on our street, hopefully we should see a decrease in this activity. We also want to remind everyone that several people walk on our street, so please drive slow and remember that there are now residents (3 families) here. This is a great neighborhood and we are enjoying it.
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Suspicious Activities

Marc sorry this happen, we did send a letter a couple months ago requesting increase patrols in the neighborhood during working hours. We will follow-up again with communicating with the sheriff dept. We are working on the speeders also.
Fast drivers

I agree with getting more security especially for the fast drivers in the neighborhood and at the stop sign of 238 Annandale Circle. Some of the drivers that live on the back of Annandale do not even stop at the stop sign. We have kids playing and we dont need an accident with our kids or anyone elses kids. We also said something to one of the UPS drivers because he was driving entirely too fast in this neighborhood.
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