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What should our neighborhood association be doing that we're not already doing, or could improve on? We need your ideas, suggestions, and of course, your help with things you believe would help us and our neighbors. Should we have a decorating contest for Halloween, Christmas, May Day, Summer Solstice, or some other occasion? Should we be sponsoring Block Watches? More informational web pages? Sponsor spring clean-up weekend? Garden Tour? House Tour? Let's hear from YOU!

By Board of Directors
How about our Neighborhood Plan

Can we have some informational meetings, or web pages, or discussions about the new Bonnycastle Neighborhood Plan? Its status, what it means to each of us as property owners, renters, tenants, or whatever. What MUST we do? What must we NOT do, etc.
More Neighborhood Events

I think having several neigborhood events each year would be nice. A garden tour is a great idea, and maybe put pictures of the gardens on the website. Also, events for small children would be great around Halloween and Easter. Like a pre-Halloween parade and an Easter Hunt.
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I would love to see some sustainability type meetings. I belong to The Green Convene of Louisville, Inc. and we meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Clifton Center at 7:30. Education and policy is always a big part of our meetings and I would love to see more of that closer to home.


Also, easier recycling. I just got three 95 gallon orange recycling bins for the condo building where I live but was unable to convince the man to bring some for the apartment buildings down the road because of city regulations. So I need a bigger voice!


I would be glad to help with guerilla gardening and composting or other projects. I love my neighborhood!!!

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