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Helping out each other

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 I would like to get some feedback on what others think about starting a type of list of things that people are good at doing and would be able to help others out with. Let me explain,  in the old days communities didn't have alot of money so they BARTERED BY DOING DIFFERENT THINGS. For example my Husband is a computer genusis but can't fix a door knob. you know what I mean? He is not a handy man around the house. I am sure there are some people who maybe can't get out and drive but they can sew, so maybe they need someone to run errands (get the picture). Or maybe a neighbor just needs help and we don't even know it. It is a great way to get to know your community, to better your community, to strengthen your community and overall make it better and safer.  God said " Love your neighbor as yourself."as a Christian woman I have to admit, I haven't done a great job in this area. I am friendly but I have lived here 10 years and until this year I haven't really had a long conversation with my neighbors until recently. Unfourtunately, over finding out we had a sexual predator that had been living in our community, who is no longer here but lived here for many years.    


We all give to Charities and others, but it starts at home... Lets make our Community the Best and Set an Example for other Communities. I know we all have needs and we all have Gifts. My husband has End Stage Renal Disease and is waiting on a kidney , he goes to diaylsis 3 times a week at 3am and then to work, but he has a gift with computers and God gives him strength to get through. I know there are others too. Let me know your thoughts and ideas...God Bless, Anna

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