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Good afternoon everyone,

In case you might not have heard, there was a situation in the neighborhood today that, as a result of one of the residents being vigilante, and using Crime watch, resulted in the arrest of four individuals attempting to burglarize a home in the 4700 block of Rocky Knob Ln.

On Monday of this week, our neighbor at 4631 Rocky Knob Ln had some very suspicious black males knocking on her door around 10:30 in the morning.  When she answered the door the subject stated that he had the wrong address.  His actions made her very suspicious, and she noticed that the car that he had arrived in, was backed into her driveway.  When the subject reentered the car,he got into the back seat, indicating that there were at least three subjects in the car.  This caused our resident to contact the police.  Metro PD increased some patrols in the neighborhood and immediate area.  The resident also contacted her block captain, and the information was distributed throughout the block, and forwarded to the crime watch coordinator for Shadow Pointe.

Now, some of the following details may not be 100% accurate. 

Today, around 11:00am, the same vehicle spotted on Monday, was observed in the neighborhood.  The police were contacted and had a very timely response (maybe due to the increased patrols).  Metro PD was able to observe 4 black males in the process of attempting to burglarize one of our residents in the 4700 block of Rocky Knob Ln.  The individuals began to flee in the vehicle, but then exited the vehicle and fled on foot.  All four of the subjects were caught and arrested.  There are likely more details than this but, that's all I have at this point.

Personally, I am very appreciative of our neighbor at 4631 Rocky Knob Ln for being so observant, and using the Crime watch program to get the word out.  I truly believe that this is what resulted in these individuals being caught in the act, and making this a much better place to live.

Eric Hoblit
4638 Rocky Knob Ln

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