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Sex in car

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I live one block from 900
south gaylord. I have for
years put up with the cars
the traffic, and the late
night drunks. The other
night broke the straw on
the camels back. My dog,
Crumpet, woke me up
because she had to go out.
When I let her out front,
I noticed 2 people in a
car, that I believe were
having sex. I couldn't
tell for sure if they were
because the windows were
steamed. But, there is a
street light near my house
so I know something was
going on. I tried to see
if it was a man and wowman
or if it was a gay
coupling. I must of stood
out there for 10 minutes
before going back into the
house. Has anyone else
noticed this type of
behavior in the

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Crumpet? Also, mind your business sonny! Who cares if 2 people are getting a laugh in their car? Pussy!

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