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Recently I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Washington Park Profile and this same letter is included as follows:

"Dear Editor:

Your article on "High Tech Sprinklers Hit Their Low Points" in July points to another example of the lack of funding for irrigation repair and maintenance, and replacement of old irrigation systems in the Denver Parks System. Washington Park is one of Denver's finest and most beautiful parks, but ugly brown dry spots abound. I have a neighbor who donated two trees (in memory of loved ones) for the park and she has had to water them by hand, hauling water in buckets from the small lake. Sprinkler heads all over the park are old and easily malfunction. Last year I informed the Parks Department that water was bubbling up when the rotor head zone was operating between the asphalt and curb at the corner of Downing & Virginia (about 20' east on Virginia in case anyone wants to fix it). Last week the same rotor zone was running and guess what? Yes, I know you are surprised, dear editor, it continues to leak! This is a colossal waste of water resources and the leak is causing the street to deteriorate.

For four years I have lived at the corner of Marion Parkway and Dakota Ave. Over the last three or four years, the parkway median on the North side of Dakota has a big dry area. Irrigation leaks and improper coverage are endemic on Marion Parkway and no one seems to notice. What do we pay taxes for? Why doesn't Denver adhere to its own water conservation policies and the wise use of water? Why does Denver water during the daytime (even with automated systems which can water at night) instead of during the night when it's better for turf (and taxpayers can save up to 10 percent on water use).

Denver wants to build more parks and add amenities to existing parks, but Denver can't keep its existing parks green. Why build more?
Now is a good time to add money to the neighborhood improvement bond issue to improve park irrigation systems and conserve millions and millions of gallons of water."

This problem is citywide and needs to be addressed. The Denver Parks Department has also been mismanaged and has wasted a lot of money on Central Computer Control System when the basic irrigation system itself needs to be replaced and upgraded.

Will you help me with this problem? Contact your council person or the Mayor.


Larry E. Keesen

By Larry Keesen
How did it turn out?

I'm new to the neighborhood. Can someone tell us how this issue turned out?
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