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Dog Walker in Cheesman is rough on dogs

Posted in: E Cheesman

On Tuesday June 13th a dog walker, at Cheesman Park, walking approximately 8-10 dogs was seen by a few of us as being very rough on the dogs.  When one wouldn't stand up immediately he was brusquely pulled up.  At his car all dogs were told to "sit" - when one didn't comply he was forcefully pushed down and another dog was literally manhandled - picked up off the ground and forcefully moved to another position. All the while this guy is unable to hear anything because he had headphones on.  I walked up to him and told him not to handle other peoples dogs in such a manner.  I walked away.  He left the dogs int the car and ran after me to call me as many names and obsceniteies as he could muster. - screaming about how I know nothing about dog training? Another man with a dog had already taken a photo as well and was standing next to me to provide support.  I have a photo of both the car loaded with dogs and the man with the dogs in the park.


I'm hoping this message gets out to the owners - I'm not sure if they want their dogs handled in this manner.  I understand the dogs need to be under control because there are so many, yet there are ways to control how dogs obey - I do not think forcing them down or up or picking them up is a good strategy.  The dogs were obediant yet still looked petrified.  

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