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Construction noise

Posted in: E Cheesman

Last week, I was woken up three out of five days due to jackhammering before 7 am.  I work from home and had the displeasure of listening to this all day, non-stop.  It's now Saturday, and they've been doing it since 8 am.  The noise is so loud that it's knocked pictures off my wall.  My walls are shaking, and I can't have any windows open.

All of this noise is coming from 1223 Race Street.  And it's not the first time.  In the winter, the manager of the building scrapes ice at 5 am.  It's ridiculous.  I can't get ahold of the manager, and I have no idea who the construction people work for since there aren't any logos.  Who do I report this to?  I'm beyond fed up.  Shouldn't these people have to warn neighbors when they are planning long-term projects that intimately affect their neighbor's ability to live?  I can't even make phone calls!

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