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Landscaping of the Entry Ways

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Can anyone tell me what is going on with the landscaping of the entryways? They look bad, grass growing in and very unkept. I heard rumor that the landscaping company that we had, and that spoke at the annual meeting, has been fired for not doing a good job. If this is true, has a new company been hired; who?’s taking care of the entryways right now; if anyone?
I concur

I concur! The entrances look absolutely horrible, even after the new plantings went in. Upkeep is a major part of maintining the look of the entrances. I remember a time when plans were prsented by a couple of homeowners that didn't seem like it would have been to difficult to install or maintain on a longterm basis. Why, instead, were the entrances landscaped with plants that are going to require a good deal of upkeep just to keep the entrance signage visible. It's a shame that we contribute our hard earned money into maintaining our individual homes, but as you enter the community from any entrance, you're a bit embarrassed to say you live here.
It's about time that a plan be assembled that takes care of these entrances on a long-term basis and we stop spending needless cash.
I guarantee that if the front of my home looked like these entrances do, I would have gotten one of those lovely letters telling me to whip it into shape. Well then, consider this your letter asking you to take care of your responsibilities and maintain the entrances.
Entry Ways

Can anyone tell me what is going on with the entry ways? I know that the landscaper was fired a few months back, has anyone hired a new one yet? If not, what is being done to maintain the entrances? I see Phase 1 has new flowers, is this something someone did, and all other phases are responsible for their own? I?’ve asked the question a few months ago and have yet to get a reply, does anyone really look at these boards and do they really care?

By Michele

This is another good example of non-response from the Dove Meadows HOA leadership.  What would it hurt to simply post a reply that said that your concerns are noted and we are working on a solution.  As for the state of the entryways, they look pretty good, but over the six years that we have lived here, the landscaping has appeared to be haphazard at best.  It make me wonder about the monies that are being collected by Procom.

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