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I didn't speak at the city council meeting because I'm not good at public speaking off of the top of my head. But I have been wanting to say that this is the classic situation of the wealthy pitting the poor the 'rabble' against each other instead of the correct ENEMY those in power who started and caused this debacle, in hopes of slipping it through and sweeping their bigotry and wanting to hide poverty from their midsts and shove it into one area and district, telling us to just take it and deal.

Below are the Questions by Debra Carr that the City nor Churches United has answered yet:
Debra Carr writes:
Hello All,

As you may have seen, yesterday on TV five there was at interview at the proposed site with 1 family and two individuals from the shelter talking about why they need the expansion of the shelter. We were fortunate to have some folks show up at that interview which was at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. It was show on the 5:00 p.m. news. It really did not have a great deal of impact in my opinion as again, we are not against the expansion of the shelter or the homeless, only the proposed location.

Here are some questions that I feel need to be asked so the real story can be told about how this all came in to being.

1. How did this situation first come to the attention of the city?

2. Why is it the shelter can not expand at its' current location?

3. Is the new development being proposed for high rise condos and commercial development more important that the voices of the children and families that would be impacted by the move?

4. How is it that Jean Brown from Churches United Shelter can offend us by calling us bigots, when in reality, it was the City who told them after they tried to get a permit to expand on the area that other plans were in the making for the site? Why was Churches United not aware of that in advance? Why did the City offer to assist them with a move when in reality, they were trying to expand where they were?

5. Has the stakeholders done an evaluation on the economic impact of the property owners and businesses in the area and how it would hurt them? What stipulations are being considered as a result of decreased property values; but increases in our payment of taxes?

6. Also, the criteria for the placement of the facility so close to a residential area, does this proposed site really meet the criteria? If so, please provide the evidence.

7. In addition, the City is saying this is a problem that needs to be resolved quickly; however, the overcrowding of the shelter has been a problem for awhile and they had not voluntarily come to help create a solution? Why not? Again, it was only after the shelter tried to get a permit for expansion. The media needs to know the truth about this.

8. With the increased costs of providing public safety to our areas and the lack of adequate security now, what is the city's plan to address the increase protection needs and where will they secure the funding to assure the safety of our residents?

9. What is the City doing to assist us in building our property values in our area? What resources and funding are being allocated to help us improve the lives of people that live and work in our area?
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