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In mid March of 2001; Lt. Roger Poyzer conspired with his PD and underlings Ofcs. P. Wanco and A. King to obstruct justice, file false reports, shield and protect a known violent criminal from his most recent crime, Daniel Cleary; and to knowingly and falsely accuse Cleary's Victim, Mr. David J. Child, of ''Making a false police report''.
The Corrupt (see US FBI investigation) Dennis Stout San Bdno Co DA Office, after months of fraudulent presentations, badgering, and misleading by Lt. Roger Poyzer, finally took part in this fraudulent, malicious, and criminal act of Poyzer's; and filed a prosecution of Mr. Child on this false allegation. Many months later, S Bdno Judge Dest threw the charge out of court. Immediately dismissed it.
As soon as this came to the attention of Poyzer & his corrupt pals at the SBPD, Poyzer Area Commander replacement Don Soderblum and Watch Commander Sgt. Moyer sent the problematic rookie John Cardillo and Sgt. Kutch up to the Child Family's home to attempt more ''tricks'' on Mr. Child. Cardillo falsely accused and cited Mr. Child AGAIN, claiming ANOTHER false police report was made by Child. Now, the SBPD had conspired with the Local DA Mike Ramos, by SBPD Ofc. D. Means, with a DDA automaton Michael Martinez; and a lot of Federal Funding, to go after Mr. David J. Child.
Why? Married for over 15 years, father of four, Professional Secondary Education School Teacher, Community & Youth Volunteer (Certificated Coach and Honoree Father -of the 1999 Summer Olympics of California- for So. Cal. Special Olympics, AYSO, Lector for OLA Church, Fundraiser and Social Events volunteer of De Colores Group of OLA Church, Journeyman Carpenter (Volunteer) for Habitat for Humanity, Two term County Elected Member of the San. Bdno. Co. Democratic Central Committee and State Democratic Party Delegate; Board Member of the original ''Cajon Neighborhood Association'' of the SBNCA, CSUSB Alumni Representative of the ASB Board of Directors, President of the Inland Empire Chapter of The Spina Bifida Association of America, and so on.
Why? Because Mr. David J. Child reported street violence, chop-shop, and methamphetamine gang activity in his neighborhood, to protect his physically disabled infant son, infant daughter, wife, and himself and their property (see incarceration records of William Timothy Underwood- State Prison and Co. Jail; David Allen Smiley, Co. Jail, Three Individuals (prior paroles) from 232 E 47th Street, 231 E 47th St., David Daniels Jr., Jack Cruz, Kirk Hansma, Mac Bowden, Sara Inglet, Jerri Steckenfinger, and others...
Because this violent, House Burglarizing, vulgar and obscene, methamphetamine dealing gang (''North End 47th Street'') were receiving protection from San Bernardino Police Department Admins. & Ofcs. Wayne Harp, Steve Filson, Roger Poyzer, and others (ask SBPD Ofc. Johnson - the one who was shot in the hip in Del Rosa area, about 1990-91; about the Underwood-Newhall & SBPD connection).
In lawfully and properly reporting crime for the protection of their own family and property, they had stepped upon some very influential and dirty toes.

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