Well hope all have it worked out in this city, that they call gladstone

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I'm suing gladstone public safety for  putting my life at risk and in danger, don't call the gladstone city if you was food poisoned and have the proof at hand, you'll be ignored  oh wait! that was just me only. hmm take the chance would ya? like to see the outcome.

how every anything will be seen on tv I'm taking it to the media and to a court not within this city's conspiring actions.

this act of unlawful law is coming to a halt I'm gonna be the one that does it.


you can kill in this town and not worrie of the police taking care of it

you can be violated on a lease police only will help the one not paying the bills on the property


Lets see oh and if you have issues of medical rather its some sort of disability or any reason to get you in jailed or forced to see a mental doctor. then Gladstone is the place to be. and if it happen good luck ill watch all be hurt or what ever before i ever help another soul in this Town ever again don't ask for my help I'm only going to keep walking leaving you  like most has ever done to me as well GOOD BYE Dramatic Town!


So far i have been disrespected and i was in this town a long time not even a bad mark on me lol "shakes head" it will fall soon you can bet it is.

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