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Hello, My name is Dustin Lambert and am a resident of Kansas City, MO. I have witnessed the crime in this city increasing over the past few years. There have been times where it has been in my own back yard. Has anyone ever thought of hiring security patrols in your neighborhoods to decrease the risk?




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Dustin, where do you live. The community pays for the highest security in the city. Their name is the Kansas City Police Dept. Maybe they can lend a helping hand in your neighborhood. God knows they are paid your tax dollars to protect you.

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   Yes we have had private security patrolling out area, but due to apathy,

we could not continue with a subscription based patrol.

   Our neighborhood seems to want something for nothing, just doesn't happen in the

real world.



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Unless you live in a wealthy neighborhood with an active HOA it won't happen. Our dues this year increased from $35 to $75 (much more than the cost of living--AND in a recession!)  Of the $30,000 budget our board has forecast, the security company will receive nearly half that.


This is for 2 daily drive-bys in the spring and fall (rolling through the neighborhood; 20 minutes would be generous), and 4 drive-bys in the summer and winter. That is what is called "24-hour coverage". Dedicated 24-hour coverage would be prohibitive.


They are not on a time-schedule which is supposed to throw off the criminals. But they have only to wait till the car drives by, then smash a window. And who even knows their security patrol's phone number in case of an immediate emergency? Most brains go on automatic, calling 9-1-1 as the first responder.


Another little known point is that the security company's have no jurisdiction in the streets...only in the yards of the neighborhoods they are hired to protect. Theoretically, the criminal could have a pillowcase full of your belongings, and walk down the street with their thumb on their nose to the security guys, and security guys' hands are tied to apprehend them.


I hope you are dissuaded from pushing the security issue. In fact none of our residents have ever been assisted in a crime from a patrolling vehicle. When even the security companies (whose customers could range from all N-S-E-W points of KC) instruct the neighborhoods to call 9-1-1 first, then you know your money is going down the drain. Unfortunately, none of that made any difference to our residents who voted for security patrol's lavish fees from our very modest neighborhood.

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