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what do people think about the slumlord (i think we all know who it is) buying up all the properties and renting them out? is there anything we can do to put a stop to this type of negative activity?

Sorry for the slooooooow response. There's a new president in office and it's me. I do hope to begin and maintain a dialogue.

Slumlords are a problem that we must work to manage. There are efforts and movements forming to get a handle on the issue and we would appreciate your help. If you're still out there get your contact info to me and I'll begin to include you on our email and automated calling list.

Our association is active and in need of new members to help serve this great community. That's my contact info out there I'd like to hear from you.
I don't want to be Anonymous

I didn't want my post to be anonymous. I maintain this site and I look forward to the exchange.

By John

hey there..

was wondering if the issue of slum lords in the jefferson city area is open for discussion

i have many issues of shanagins to report. i would like to believe that once a person signs up income property they are taken to an initiation party and instructed in "how to swindle from renters" and leave them leave in serious need of maintance. but alls well if they get the money

for real mz rabbit

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