Preakness Dr HOA Ruled Against In CCOC 7/31/09 Order

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The Preakness Dr Homeowners Association was ruled against in a recent Montgomery County Commission on Common Ownership Communities Panel decision.  A complaint had been filed against th Board of Directors led by John Devine, a Lockheed Martin employee, and Lillian Dangerfield, a US OPM employee, who both had refused to hold an HOA Annual Meeting, Board Election, Budget Vote and Assessment levied meeting for 2009.  One aspect of the complaint had been to spotlight Devine's giving of a right of way easement to an outside builder who built on an adjoing lot which resulted in some yard flooding during heavy rains.  While the builder's lot was not in the Preakness Dr HOA (PDHOA), the easement should have been approved by local residents.


Read about the CCOC Panel Order dated July 31, 2009 at:


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