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Is A Pool Expansion Possible?

Posted in: Rolling Hills
Due to the fact that our community has 300+ homes, i think our pool is way too small,it would be great if the can expand the pool with the mx. depth of 5 ft and add a hot tub. even those apartments have better pools than us... Is that possible or is it too expensive.
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Pool Expansion

Yes, I would say it is definitely a possibility. I will make sure it is on our next board meeting agenda and hopefully we can at least get some requests out for design consultation and cost estimates. That will be the first step.
Expensive or not? Well that will be in the eyes of the beholder so to speak. We have not had one HOA dues increase since the neighborhood was established, that would be one possibility for covering costs. Another idea could be a one time assessment for each home of $100.00, (Net gain 312,000.00) or we could look at a combination of both. However, I think we need to start with identifying design and cost assessments first.

Joe Swanson
Rolling Hills HOA V.P.
Pool EXpansion

That would be great if you could add that to the agenda and post on here the comments or how it went...
Pool Expansion

Unless my math is incorrect, a one-time assesment of $100 would only give us a net gain of $31,200.00 ($100.00 x 312 homes).
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