Raising your children right!

Posted in: Brittany Hills

Tonight I came home from the grocery. While unloading my car a young boy on a bike asked if he could use my phone to call his mom. It had begun to sprinkle and he seemed sincere.  

My hands were full & my 3 yr old grandbaby had come outside to help me unload the car. I started to dial the number and while trying to watch grandbaby handed him the phone. Little punk stole my phone! I grabbed the back tire on the bike and he took off running. I put his bike outside my front door and while herding my pokey grandbaby inside the house. He ran back grabbed his bike and took off before I could drop groceries inside the door! 

I jumped in my car and chased him but he cut thru peoples yards. I'm so mad it's not funny. I don't give a crap about the phone. He stole the pictures of my grandbabies being born & growing up. He got phone numbers for my friends, neighbors, people I work with and my doctors. 

If you raised your kids to do this to your neighbors shame on you. You should have taught him to respect others.  People work hard for what they have,  It's not right to steal especially from someone trying to help you. Shame on him.

I had the phone shut off but he needs to return my phone. I know exactly what he and his bike look like. Next time I see him my hands won't be full. 


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