Dog Attack

Posted in: Crime

Yesterday, my dog and I were attacked by a dog that was not leashed. I saw the young couple drive up to the park at 75th Ave. N. and 14th St.with a large black dog (lab mix?). I was walking away from the park with my little dog towards my home when I realized the black dog was racing towards us without a leash. (No owners in sight). I was stopped in the middle of 75th Ave. keeping myself between the attacker and my dog. The dog jumped on me full speed and knocked me to the street. It then started tearing into my dog. The dog literally pulled skin away from her body and the the underlying tissue was bulging out. She was bleeding everywhere. 

The owners then ran up and managed to get the dog. The man said "We've got to get out of here !" They didn't say a word to me or offer to help me up.. They ran towards their truck and took off. They didn't ask if I was OK nor did they offer assistance. 


The full sized pick up truck was an older model. It was white, with a light blue lower panel. If anyone sees this truck or knows who owns it, please respond. 


My dog needs surgery. The vet put 100 stitches in her to hold her until Tuesday (after the holiday weekend.) She is in a lot of pain and is a complete mess. I hope she can recover from this senseless attack. 


Linda L




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