Feral Cats

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Wow, horrible advice. 

I am using the FREE TNR...oh yeah baby, using the h*ll out of those delicous tax dollars! nom nom nom

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Some lousy advice here, I say we find you and put you in a trap then drop you off in the the hot desert in Iraq, or stick you in a wired CAGE WITH A PACK OF HUNGRY WOLVES, or better yet release you and take turns pumping your hide full of lead!!!


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This looks likt an old post, but I will reply anyway! Are you still having this problem? There is a similar problem in the Kent Park area right now. 2 friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to talk to neighbors, get donations, get the traps, and transport the kitties to a clinic in Akron (One of a Kind Pets) where they offer a "ferel cat package".  I live in Farmbrook and had the same issue a couple years ago and did all the work and paid myself for the neighborhood cats to be fixed and then released them. It has since then been much better. Unfortunately, Portage County is way behind in the game as far as funding for such things. We did have funding when I did it 2 years ago, so each cat package cost me $15. Now it is $30 for each cat if you live in Portage (Summit and other surrounding counties are $15). My friends and I are looking into this matter ourselves to see what we can get done! Hoping there will be an article in the Record Courier soon with a bit more information. Best of luck to you and save the kitties!


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It is still a problem. SPCA tampa bay has a program that is great. TNR I do and have cut it down a little. contact me at catible@msn.com.


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