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Is there anyone else having trouble with an  over flow of feral cats in our neighborhood?  I know have ten feral cats living in my back yard.  I have tried to find help in finding monies to pay to have them TNR, but no luck.  Please let me know if anyone else has this problem.  


1) Buying a dog (Scares away more than cats)

2) Buy a trap and transport them to another area; like open desert or the Limberlost neigborhood.

3) Go to the open desert and trap coyotes and release them in the alley behind your house. If you recapture one of the cats you released in the open desert, re-release them in the desert.

4) Use your own money for TNR. Do not use tax dollars since you will be forcibly taking other people's money to solve your problem.

5) Pellet rifle or sling shot.

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Most communities have laws pertaining to feral cats.  Why not contact your Animal Services Department in your county?  Our Animal Services Dept. in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL will set traps and humanely trap these animals.  Then they will try to adopt them out to responsible owners.  this helps prevent cruelty to animals.  Also, most communities have laws against the crimes of killing animals or wounding them with a pellet gun as another NL user wrote.  How barbaric!  Also, too you may be shooting at someone's lost pet!

Our tax dollars are meant to be spent on programs that assist the public and it is not robbery to use the services that we all pay for.  By the way, we (collectively) are the government, so if you don't like something, get involved and help change it.  That way you won't be accused of being an anonymous coward or have to call yourself one.

"Our tax dollars are meant to be spent on programs that assist the public and it is not robbery to use the services that we all pay for."


You mean the tax dollars that I don't have a choice in giving? Usually when you are forced to hand over money it is called theft. But I guess you can call that "progress" here in the socialist republic of Tucson. It is roberry because I have no choice to support those services, regardless of whether I use them or not. You should read some history about the principles on which our country was founded. Start with "The 5000 Year Leap".


While we should self-govern ourselves, we are not the government. The authority to govern comes from God and is given to the individual. It is then passed from the individual to the family and then the local government. Rely on yourself before forcing others to solve your problems.  If you do not you are just perpetuating the slave class the liberal progressives have/are creating with their "social" programs.


Take some initiative and solve your own problems or ASK your neighbors to VOLUNTARILY help you. Do not forcefully take money from others to solve your problem.


The Age of Theivery is coming to an end so you might as well start living your life in a moral way.

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