Crestwood Neighborhood

Neighborhood Meeting Notes 09/13/05

Crestwood Neighborhood Meeting Notes 09/13/05

Crestwood Neighborhood Association
Neighborhood Meeting Notes
September 13, 2005

Officers: Stacy Prince, Pat Kinsey, Helen Goulden

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

Approval of Minutes
No approval of previous minutes was done

Miscellaneous Business
There is no established Disaster or Evacuation plan for Crestwood Neighborhood. In case of tornado the church at 23rd and Linn has made their basement available, but there is no set plan for the building to be unlocked. In case of tornado the best plan is to:
      use your own basement (if you have one)
      if neighbors have made their basement available make sure
          you have a key
      as a last resort use the tunnel under 23rd (between Ross and Linn)

Guest Speaker: Georgie Rasco - Neighborhood Alliance

Georgie Rasco of Neighborhood Alliance discussed the mission of Neighborhood Alliance and Crestwood's Strategic Plan

Purpose of Neighborhood Alliance is:
      - Organize Neighborhoods
      - Assist with grant writing
      - Advocate w/city for neighborhoods
          (work w/over 340 neighborhoods)
      - Work w/inner city neighborhoods*
(* In OKC "inner city" boundaries are NE/NW 36th, SE/SW 44th, Lincoln and Portland)

How to develop a Strategic Plan: Neighborhood residents join together to decide:
      - where you are
      - where you want to be
      - how to get there
Every strategic plan is different

Benefits of a Strategic Plan
      - energizes neighborhood
      - plans road map
      - brings everyone together to set neighborhood goals

Neighborhood Alliance only accepts two neighborhoods a year for Strategic Planning.

Process for developing a Strategic Plan
      Select Strategic Planning Committee
      Divide neighborhood in to quadrants
      Hold quadrant "get to know you meeting"
      Hold three quadrant meetings which will follow facilitating guide
      Develop Strategic Plan
      Present Strategic Plan to neighborhood
      Adopt Plan

Goal date for choosing Strategic Plan Committee is 10/15/05

      Make-up of SP Committee:
          select some non-board members
          make committee multi-generational
      Responsibilities of SP Committee:
          meets w/Georgie to determine tool for decision making
          set quadrants (see below)
          select host/hostess
          ensure that meetings take place
          develop plan (based on input from quadrant meetings)
          present document to entire neighborhood
          adopt plan

Other topics covered by Georgie:
      Free interest loans may be available for renovating vacant houses
      we should know by 10/07/05 if our grant has been
          recommended for approval
      "Neighborhood Beautification" expo at Will Rogers park
          09/29/05 at 5:30 pm
          includes over 30 vendors and refreshments
          refreshments served
      Newsletter Workshop
          ideas about layout and stories
          info about mailing using bulk mail insignia
          RSVP to Georgia

Selection of New Board Members
      Stacy Prince nominated Pat Bond
      No other nominations
      Pat Bond selected as new Crestwood Neighborhood Association President

Vice President
      Jonathan Hayes nominated Stacy Prince
      No other nominations
      Stacy Prince selected to serve another term
          as CNA Vice- President

      Helen Goulden volunteered
      No other nominations or volunteers
      Helen Goulden selected to serve another term
          as CNA Secretary

      Helen Goulden nominated Pat Kinsey
      No other nominations
      Pat Kinsey selected to serve another term
          as CNA Treasurer

Other Board Members (anyone can volunteer)
Larry Smith, Susie Csaba, Melodie Garneau, Buzz Anderson, Jonathan Hayes, Franklin Moore, Deidre Fudge, Stacy Prince, Helen Goulden, Tony Webb, Pat Kinsey, Pat Bond.

Community Action Agency - Connie Crew
Connie Crew from the Community Action Agency offered some information about Christmas referrals:
      Christmas Assistance begins 10/03/05
      Salvation Army usually provides for younger children (under 13)
      Christmas Connection provides for all children whose
          families qualify
      Families may "self refer" to Community Action Agency to see
          if they qualify

Meeting adjourned

Posted by gouldie64 on 09/18/2005
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